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First, there are no quick fixes to change a dogs unwanted behaviour to a trigger. It takes time, patience and consistency and most importantly the right training methods. Quick fixes such as prong collars, e-collars, slip leads or even hitting or shouting at our dogs can cause pain or intermediation which can actually create more fear, frustration, stress or even confusion in your dog.

Second, many people don’t even think about the level of stress their dog is perhaps going through and its human nature to just think of our own stress levels. If you think about when you are stressed how easy do you find it to follow directions and take in information, let alone learn a new skill or make the right decision? Stress levels will have an impact on your dog’s learning.

Third, we need to be providing our dogs with the distance and safety away from the thing that is stressing them out in order for them to able to remain calm, and for them to be able to understand what it is we are trying to teach them.

It is really not your fault if you haven’t put these factors into your training, so do not worry. It’s just the way things are… that because of all the conflicting and frankly damaging advice that is out there it can be very confusing and we are left not knowing which way to turn or what to listen to. Quick fix training creates many issue in trying to get a dog to not be reactive.