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Unleash your dog’s full potential

We believe that working with our dogs should be fun and rewarding. Using scientific training methods based on positive reinforcement, we help owners transform their relationships with their dogs and achieve life-changing results – whatever their age, breed and background. Are you ready for a happy and stress-free life with your dog?

What do you need help with?

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My dog is reactive or aggressive

You need Roger. Roger specialises in dog reactivity and aggressive behaviour. Do you dread walking your dog or feel like you’re walking on eggshells in your own home? Discover how to regain control so that barking, lunging and biting become a thing of the past.

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My dog is young or hyperactive

You need Jess. Jess specialises in working with bonkers border collies and young, excitable dogs that lack focus and struggle to relax. Jess will teach you how to transform your relationship with your unruly dog, restoring fun and harmony to your daily life.

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Round the clock support

Much as we love them, we know that having a dog can be hard work. It’s not 9-5, it’s 24/7! That’s why we say to all our clients: message us anytime. We will always get back to you as soon as possible, even if it’s 10 o’clock at night. We’ve got you. You’ve got this!


Professional and accredited

Both of us are experienced and fully qualified dog training and behavioural practitioners, accredited by the Professional Association of Canine Trainers (PACT) and registered with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC).

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We were starting to think we could no longer live with our 4 year old cockapoo and were walking on eggshells the whole time. Roger helped us to understand our dog’s guarding, anxiety and reactive ways, worked with us on techniques and training to keep him calm, and helped us to understand his body language. We now have the confidence and skills to work with our dog and can now relax in our own home.


Jess quite simply turned our life with our pup around. We were complete novices when we took on our border collie. His nipping, barking, and lunging at cars and people was wearing us out – I did so much ball throwing my arm would twitch! We were put in touch with Jess and can honestly say we haven’t looked back. Now, instead of a frenzied, stressed-out collie, we have one who we can switch off (most of the time!).


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