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The Perfect Puppy Class is a 6 week course for puppies 20 weeks and under starting March 12th 2020

Class time is 7.15pm to 8pm.

Highcroft Vet Group - 3 Silver Street, Midsomer Norton, Radstock BA3 2ET.

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Every lesson will be carefully planned around life skills and teaching fun, realistic and useful skills for you and your pup. We will be helping owners to give their dogs the chance to choose appropriate behaviours and build on self-confidence as well as learning appropriate social skills to ensure you have a well-balanced and happy dog.

We keep our classes small to ensure you get the very best out of our classes.


1. Loose lead walking
2. Recall
3. Basic obedience
4. Stay
5. Leave
6. Give
7. Handling skills
8. Settle
9. Engagement and confidence building
10. Canine communication
11. Appropriate socialisation and play
12. Common puppy issues such as mouthing, toilet training and jumping up etc.
13. And much more!!!!

This course is for puppies 20 weeks and under.

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