Lively Adolescent


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Lively Adolescent 14th March 6 week course - Chapel Farm, Pensford BS39 4NE

Class time is 10am - 11am.

This course is for adolescent dogs 6 - 18 months of age.

6 spaces available


Does the word “come” which was once mastered now sounds like a foreign term? Does your dog seem to run up to every person and dog, excited to say hello? Has your dog forgotten how to walk on a lead or how to follow the most basic of cues such as sit?
Welcome to the adolescent phase! As your dog’s confidence grows and hormones kick in your perfectly obedient puppy becomes impossible, almost overnight. Do not panic, this is really normal adolescent behaviour and we are here to help!
In our Lively adolescent class we will be setting your dog up for success and focusing on the issues you are most likely to come up against In this difficult period of your dog’s life.
  • Recall
  • Loose lead walking
  • Being able to focus and listen
  • Leave
  • Stay
  • Engagement
  • Settle and on your mat
  • Understand canine communication
  • Jumping up
  • Proofing previously known cues!
  • General adolescent behaviours problem solving
These skills will build up a good relationship, leading to a well behaved adult dog that you are proud to own! 


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